Professional Alarm Kits

Wired Alarm System with 2 PIR's 

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IJ Solutions offers complete professional alarm systems. This systems are perfect for the security of any shop, warehouse or office building. Our professional systems are the best way for the prevention of a burglary, robbery or theft. All professional alarm systems can be composed to your own needs. This way the alarm system will be completely personalized to your business needs.

All our professional alarm systems can be extended with a number of sensor, detectors, sirens, keypads and panic buttons. By extending your alarms system with these products you will have a complete and personalized alarm system that is built to your requirements. We offer complete advise on all our alarm systems to ensure you that you have a system that meets your requirements and needs.

We also offer complete installation on all alarm systems. For a direct qoutation contact us or visist our shop.

The proffesional alarm system standard contain,

Control Panel, The control panel is the main part of your alarm system. From here all your alarm systems components will be connected, controlled and operated. The control panel can support both wired and wireless components. Although the control panel is the most imported part of your system, it doesn’t need to be in eye side and can be placed anywhere in your building.

Keypad, The alarm system keypad is the controller for your alarm system. From here you will be able to arm and disarm your system. It will also show if there are any problems with your system or any of its components. Keypads are in general placed near the main entrance of your building to get a quick access to it. If you have a building with several main entrances you can add more keypads to control your system from