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Wireless Alarm System

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We offer alarm kit that are perfect for the sucirty of any home. The home alarm kit are easy to install and easy in use. All kits can be completly wireless (except from needed power supply cables) and can be control via an aplication on your smartphone or tablet. In case of a disturbance an automatic message will be send to you phone to let you know that something is wrong inside you house.

All kits standard include, 1x control panel, 1x PIR, 1x outdoor siren, 1x magentic switch, 2x remote. The kits can be upgrade with additional PIR's, sirens, sensors & detectors and magnetic switches. In totaal the systems can support up to 116 devices. 

The standard home alarm kit is available from €299,- and can be extended with extra sensor and detectors so that the system suits your needs and requirements.

We also offer a complete installation of all home alarm systems. The installation includes the placement of all devices, connection of all devices and setup of the system.

For a qoutation of your alarm system and installation contact us or visit our shop.