Sliding Doors

Automatic Door Slider For indoor doors

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Door operator for concealed sliding doors with a max.load 50 kg. V1 allows simple adaptability to existing sliding doors, minimal dimensions and appealing design. It is available with infrared on-board sensor, microwave sensor or gesture activation key and remote control selector.


Power supply: 230V ~ 50Hz

Peripheral power output: 5 V 80mA / 24 V 110mA

Absorption: 100mA a 230 V

Power absorbed: 15W

Type of use: continuous

Opening/closing speed: in accordance with the EN16005 about “Low Energy Movement”in reference to panel weight

Control of panel weight: from 150N to 500N adjustable every 35N by the installer

Maximum thrust force: 62N

Door open waiting time: adjustable from 6 sec to 50 sec

Protection against electric shocks: class IIWorking temperature: - 5°C + 50°C

Number of door panels: 1 PANEL

Maximum capacity: 500N

Size of opening: 700 ÷ 1000 mm

Overall dimensions: 59x59 mm x variable length 700 - 1000 mm